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Looking for the perfect present?

Then look no further! Our Skydiving gift certificates are guaranteed to make for a great surprise. You can give the EXTREME GIFT from Skydive Petawawa: a Tandem Skydive Gift Certificate. Perfect for last minute shoppers!

Before purchasing a skydive gift certificate please be sure that the skydiving gift certificate recipient is over 18 years of age and under 220lbs.

Skydive gift certificates are emailed to the address given at time of purchase.

We will need:

(1) Your full name.

(2) The recipients full name.

(3) Your credit card details.

(4) A phone number where you can be reached.

(5) Recipient's email address.


So you have a gift certificate. Now what?

If you have received an extreme skydive gift certificate, then all you have to do is make a reservation by booking online and using the gift certificate number to redeem it. That's it!

Gift Certificate Terms & Conditions

Gift Certificate use

•Recipient of gift certificates must be 18 years or older when redeeming the tandem skydiving gift certificate

•Skydive Petawawa Inc is closed for jumping every year between mid October and early May. Wanting to use your gift certificate during this time period will not qualify you for a refund.

•All sales for tandem skydives, skydiving gift certificates or skydive videos are final. Gift certificates are refundable within the first 2 days of purchase. However, there is a $25 admin fee in case of a requested refund. We need notification by email from the customer purchasing the certificates if a refund is requested.

•If the name of the person redeeming the skydiving voucher doesn’t match the name on the voucher, the voucher is NOT valid for a tandem skydive unless we have received written notification from the person buying the voucher or the person listed on the voucher.

•We will not issue any refunds for gift certificates if the recipient does not meet our weight requirements.

Bad weather

•For bad weather during your skydiving appointment, you will have a 30 minutes grace period in which we check and assess the conditions. If the weather is still bad after the 30 minutes mark, you will need to reschedule for another time. If it clears up later on that day, we will need to take care of the next scheduled appointments that have good conditions during their skydiving time. If we have availability later that day, we are happy rescheduling you for the same day. We cannot refund your gift certificate if the weather is not good on your skydiving appointment. Bad weather means weather that we consider not safe for skydiving.

Reservation booking

• We do not accept walk-ins. You will need to book online or call 613-602-1002 to schedule your appointment even if you have purchased a gift certificate. Please note that we book up quickly, so make your reservations well in advance as soon as you know when you want to use your gift certificate!

•There is a 48 hour re-booking policy for all scheduled skydives. If you need to reschedule your appointment, we will need at least 48 hours notice prior to your skydiving appointment. With less than 48 hours notice there will be a $50 charge per person. This will be added on your file. Please note that the for larger groups the required notice for cancellations is 72 hours (groups of 5-9 people) and 96 hours (groups of 10 or more people).

•Skydiving gift certificates are subject to forfeiture if you fail to show up on your scheduled skydiving appointment. Calling us on the day of the jump counts as a “no-show” and will forfeit your skydive vouchers.